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Saturday, February 17, 2018 Exhibit Floor Open: 9:00am - 5:00pm
SRC Arena on the campus of OCC 4585 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215


2018 Training Sessions

A/C Best Practices and MACS Certification

Presented by Automotive Educational Services AES
By Ron Alexander

Feb. 17, 2018 : SRC Arena

“Technical Training for the real world”

This class is for any technicians looking for information on the service and best practices of today’s modern air conditioning systems. This class will explain the operation of current refrigeration systems including the new R-1234yf refrigerant, repair techniques and diagnostic approaches. Flushing procedures and compressor failure prevention will be covered.

Major Objectives:

  • Heat transfer and refrigerant theory
  • Refrigerant cycle and operation
  • Thermal expansion valve and orifice tube operation
  • Compressor service
  • Component service and best practices
  • System flushing and oil balance for frailer prevention
  • Leak checking
  • Performance testing and diagnostics
  • EPA regulations
  • T1234yf Service and applications

This class will also cover the EPA 609 requirements on refrigeration handling and offer 609 certification exam at the end of the class. All technicians servicing mobile air conditioning systems are required to be EPA 609 certified.
Course Length: 3 hours and includes MACS Certification. Test will be give at the end of the class.

New Restrictions for Selling R-134a Commence in January 2018

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Diagnosing Multiplexed Data Bus Networks

Dan Foster, General Motors/ACDelco


Diagnosing complex network system failures is a challenge even for experienced technicians. In this seminar, technicians will focus on diagnostic strategy to hone their problem solving skills for serial data failure modes in multiplex networks. Included network protocols: CAN, LIN, GMLAN, MOST®, and repair methods will be covered.
Course Length: 3 hours

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Diesel Emissions and Exhaust Aftertreatment

Dan Foster, General Motors/ACDelco


This seminar covers emission systems and components found on modern diesel-powered vehicles. Changes to fuel injection, glow plugs, Intake Air Heaters (IAH), intake swirl valves, and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) will be discussed. Exhaust aftertreatment components discussed include: Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Nitrogen Oxides Adsorbing Catalyst (NAC), NOx Storage Catalyst (NSC), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Diagnostic strategies, known malfunctions, real-world case studies, and diagnostic exercises in the class will prepare the technician to repair these systems.
Course Length: 3 hours

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Essential Electronics: Voltage Drop Testing

Instructor John Gillespie

Language: EN, ES, FR

Essential Electronics is the first course in a series of classes exploring electrical system diagnosis and testing. This course is the foundation of the series dealing with problems relating to electrical connections and wiring. This course covers electrical theory as it applies to electrical diagnosis along with the how to properly perform a voltage drop test as well as when and why to perform this essential test. The "next steps" of the electrical diagnostic process will also be introduced. Establishing a thorough groundwork in the essentials of electronics leads to further problem solving skills that will better equip you to manage electrical problems as they occur. All future essential electronics courses will build upon the information contained in this course.
Duration: 4 hrs ILT-1200

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Essential EVAP Diagnostics - Part 1 February 17th, 2018

Instructor John Gillespie

Language: EN, FR

Duration: 4hrs ILT-1315

Evaporative Emission Systems can be difficult to properly diagnose. In Part 1 of the 2 part series on EVAP, we will cover the essential theory of fuel vapor storage systems and their design characteristics. With an emphasis on the more complicated systems such as those from Honda and Toyota, CTI will give you the information you need to understand the on-board diagnostic logic. CTI will provide must have diagnostic insight to allow any technician to use the tools available to quickly and accurately diagnose the most stubborn DTCs from the largest leaks to the smallest intermittent leaks. Learn tips and techniques for using smoke machines and other pressurizing equipment.
Presented by CTI

John is an ASE CMAT L1 A9 certified technician, shop owner, instructor with forty years of experience in the trade. When not out on the road sharing cutting edge information and diagnostic routines he emphasizes diagnostics and electronics both in his shop and as a mobile diagnostic technician. This Evaporative Emissions class will teach your techs how to troubleshoot most evaporative emissions failures in under fifteen minutes without ever grabbing the smoke machine.

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Getting to YES! With Confidence (will be AMI Certified)

Class is Only Offered on Friday, Feb. 16th at 6437 Collamer Rd. Ste. 2, E. Syracuse, NY 13057 (will be AMI Certified)

How many classes have you attended thinking, “they don’t know what it’s really like out there”. Each topic seems extremely myopic – perfect if you work in a vacuum. But in the “real world” customers walk in, the phone never stops ringing, employees don’t stay forever and potential customers always want the price first… right? Well this is the class for you! This class spends a day in an advisor’s shoes from the key in the lock in the morning to locking the door behind you at night. We will show you how to be successful as a service advisor in an environment of problems, price shoppers and constant interruptions. This class will arm you with tools to use to ensure success during each sales situation.
This workshop is presented in four modules throughout the day:

Connecting for Cash

  • How to genuinely connect with someone
  • How to reduce customer stress and increase their trust in you
  • How to identify and work with a customer’s unique buying style

Obstacles to Opportunity

  • Identify and deal with common bottlenecks in your shop robbing you of money every day
  • Teach you the one thing you must do every day to grow your business
  • Show you the difference between hunting and farming and why it’s important to you

Presenting for Profit

  • How to present positively & successfully
  • How to keep your customer’s stress down
  • How to ask for the sale with confidence

Overcoming Objections

  • Learn the difference between a complaint and an objection and why it matters
  • Learn the best time to deal with an objection
  • How to address the objection to create a win-win

Learner Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Bring the best YOU to work every day
  • Take advantage of technology to help you succeed
  • Organize your work area to maximize efficiency
  • Use communication as a tool for success

Length of Presentation: 8.0-hour format ONLY

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Making Change Stick (AMI Certified)

You just finished another GREAT seminar weekend with lots of ideas on how to improve your business. Back to the shop you go…ready to implement all that you have learned. Next thing you know you are back to firefighting and babysitting. What went wrong?

This class in intended to provide the owner/manager with practical tools that they can fall back on to not only introduce new practices and processes into their shop but to make sure that they are implemented successfully and for the long term.

Learner Objectives/Outcomes:

This class will help you to:

  • Understand and Anticipate the roadblocks to change
  • Create a realistic plan that works
  • Move your employees from Change Criticizers to Change Champions and
  • Implement change that sticks!

Length (hours) of Presentation: 3.0 Hour Format

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The Accountability Factor (AMI Certified)

The stress level of shop owners and managers is at an all-time high. Pressure from customers, vendors and employees are just a few of the stressors affecting owners on a daily basis. In this class we will deal with THE number one cause of stress – an overall lack of accountability.

Learner Objectives/Outcomes:

In an easy to follow format we will show shop owners and managers how to eliminate this business killing disease once and for all creating an increase in sales as well as a pleasant work environment for all.

Length (hours) of Presentation: 3.0 Hour Format

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Emerging Technology: How Will the Aftermarket Prepare?

Join us for a Town Hall Meeting with Carm Capriotto and our three member panel of experts:

  • The goal is to give attendees the kind of information they need to improve their business acumen, gather new ideas and discover new insights or strategies.
  • The presentation includes a short summary of the aftermarket’s premier podcast and an overview of the latest trends. This content will affirm that attendees are effecting their strategies in the right direction.
  • The Q & A forum afterwards, with Carm acting as moderator and our three person panel will engage attendees into the conversation.

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Lunch with Carm Capriotto - The (8) Biggest Success Strategies for Service Professionals

  • Carm will present success strategies not only from service professional interviews but from business coaches, industry thought leaders, trainers, technicians, and educators.
  • Aligning business success strategies, gleaned from hundreds of interviews, will provide powerful ideas and insights to affirm attendee direction.
  • The audience will compare these top strategies, from an industry cross section and high profit shops.
  • >

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Exhibit Floor Open:
9:00am - 5:00pm

SRC Arena in Syracuse, NY

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